Vision 101 Disclaimer

Hello! I’m Robert and I thank you for choosing to start your journey learning about vision with Miss Jaime and me. 

This course was developed to provide an introduction to vision, presenting specific information and skills to help better understand the role of vision in the school context.

The course introduces the basics of ocular motor assessment and basic treatment ideas, as well as the research that supports the techniques presented. There is much more to learn about vision. 

I encourage you to seek additional training and continue to learn more about the visual system. 

I have used the techniques presented here in my clinic, and I have no difficulty with patients who do not tolerate the treatments. 

Every patient is unique and every circumstance is unique, so remember to use good clinical judgment with your patients. 

Some states have specific rules that limit the use of some optometry tools, particularly prisms and lenses. 

Some states also have specific rules about what therapists can do regarding vision. Check your state practice law to make sure there are no specific limitations. 

We hope you enjoy the course.