Vision 101 for School-Based Occupational Therapy Practitioners

“The all-in-one vision course for school OTs.”


Vision 101 will return:


in the Fall 2024

Enrollment is open for one week only



Improve your skills as a school-based occupational therapist by learning how to detect, screen for, and treat visual difficulties.

Vision 101 for School-based Occupational Therapy Practitioners is the solution that gives you a clear understanding of how vision deficits impact a child’s ability to participate in school work AND how to help them.

Vision problems are very common in children that receive occupational therapy. If left undetected and untreated, these vision difficulties can interfere with a child’s occupational performance in school. Occupational therapists can easily screen for problems in visual efficiency, they just need to learn how!

Who is this course for?

Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants who work with preschool and school-age children. This is a self-paced introductory-level course about vision deficits in the school setting. The recommended audience includes occupational therapy practitioners who are interested in learning about the impact of vision in school-based performance, identifying visual impairments, assessment, and treatment of visual deficits.

AOTA Accredited – GET .45 CEUs

To receive verification of successful completion of the 4.5 credit hours, participants must:

  • Watch 7 modules and a Welcome Video.
  • Complete a Self-Assessment of Learning
  • Fill out the Course Evaluation


The regular price is $139.OO. 

This course is for you if YOU:

  • Need to learn more about how vision may be impacting your students
  • Aspire to make more progress with your students who are struggling with vision deficits
  • Suspect some of your students have undiagnosed vision problems
  • Have students who just aren’t progressing and you’re not sure why
  • Don’t feel completely competent in assessing and treating vision deficits
  • Want to know how virtual education may be impacting your students’ vision
  • Love to get continuing education credits from the comfort of your home

This course ISN’T for you if YOU:

  • Are already skilled at recognizing and treating vision deficits in your students
  • Know how to explain the complete vision system to parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Can clearly describe our role with vision in the school setting
  • Are positive none of your students have underlying vision difficulties
  • Don’t need creative ideas and resources for treating vision impairments in school
  • Are not concerned with the increase in screen time for your students
  • Prefer to sit at a conference center for your CEUs

What’s included?

  • A self-paced online course with 7 modules
  • A comprehensive workbook of our slides
  • A complete list of helpful resources
  • 0.45 AOTA CEUs, 4.5 Contact Hours
  • An invitation to Robert and Jaime’s “Vision 101” Facebook group where participants can ask questions and network with other professionals who are taking the course.
  • Upon completion, members will be invited to participate in the “Vision 101 graduates” Facebook Group, you can continue to grow and learn about vision in the school-based setting.

What will I learn?

The course learning objectives are:

  1. Recognize four signs of visual problems in the school-based context
  2. Identify 3 assessment methods for basic eye movement
  3. Identify objective vision testing tools applicable in the school-based environment
  4. Identify which techniques are most appropriate to treat eye movement problems in the school-based context

When can I take the course?

  • Once purchased, you have 6 months to complete the modules and the course post-test.
  • This allows you to take the modules when YOU have time.
  • The course will be available for purchase — August 14, 2024


Robert Constantine is a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He has practiced in Pensacola, Florida since 1997. He has previously specialized in TBI in inpatient and outpatient contexts. His interest in improving outcomes lead him to the visual system and the unique chance to work full time in an optometry office. Robert continues to work with the pediatric population treating eye movement and focusing problems as well as visual processing disorders.

Jaime Spencer is the creator and author of She has a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Utica College and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Adelphi University. She is certified in Assistive Technology at California State University Northridge. She has been a school-based Occupational Therapy practitioner for twenty years and currently works in a public school setting with students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.



Module 1: Vision and the school-based therapist

Module 2: Recognizing possible visual impediments to learning

Module 3: Understanding visual diagnoses

Module 4: Assessing and documenting eye movements

Module 5: Visual characteristics of common pediatric diagnosis

Module 6: Treatment Ideas

Module 7: Vision and telehealth

Learning Outcomes Assessment and Course Evaluation Survey

*This course run time is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Disclosure:  FinancialJaime Spencer is the owner of Miss Jaime, O.T., P.C. and is paid a salary for her position. Non-FinancialJaime Spencer has no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.

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