It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what OTs (and OTAs under OT supervision) can do in a school-based setting when it comes to vision.

What vision deficits can we treat?

OTs routinely assess for visual perceptual deficits, but there’s a catch.  Are our assessments working if our children can’t see properly?

There is a lot more to vision than identifying the need for a vision screening for glasses.

Many visual efficiency deficits can—and should—be treated by school occupational therapists!

Here’s what OTs and OTAs (under the supervision of an OT) can do to work on vision in the school setting:

  • Screen and evaluate 
  • Administer standardized tests 
  • Developing goals 
  • Develop intervention plans 
  • Monitor progress 
  • Provide direct intervention 
  • Document service 

For eye movement problems, binocular vision, accommodation, and visual perceptual skills

Get this quick reference sheet about our vision capabilities. It’s also good for parents and other school professionals.


The other option is that our kids may have vision difficulties that can interfere with their occupational performance in school. Occupation therapists can easily screen for problems in visual efficiency, they just need to learn now!

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